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Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Welcome to RY’AN Academy, Abuja.

This introduction is designed to give you necessary information about the school, as you are, quite rightly, anxious to secure the very best for your child. We strongly believe that true education is the harmonious development of emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual abilities. We feel we are distinctive in many ways as we prepare children to meet the basic intellectual and social demands of teenage and adult life within an Islamic environment that will provide the means to be successful in this life and the hereafter. We think that even if our children have the academic skills they need but grow up into adults who do not have strong character skills, then they don’t have very much. Because we know that character is what keeps people happy, successful and fulfilled. This goal is achieved by developing clearly defined standards of practice and behavior, which help pupils to acquire the right attitude to work, and above all, the capacity to learn and continue learning. Each pupil is expected to play a responsible role in school life and will receive the attention of professional teaching staff that will nurture your child to excel in a variety of fields. If you feel this is what you want for your child, then the establishment of RY’AN Academy and what it represents will have proved worthwhile. With the help of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and with the support of parents and the community we will make RA an environment in which learning takes place with confidence; thus creating a path to achieving excellence in education and piety.

Wassalaam Mardiyyah Ojibara


To model the young muslim mind towards appreciating and aspiring Blissful
Jannah through all spheres of life. (Quran 56 vs 88-89):Fa’a ma in kana minal mukarabin; wa RUHU wa RY’AN wa
And if the deceased was of those brought near to Allah; then [for him is] REST

To develop children with meaningful thought of achieving excellence and pleasure
of Allah (God) in all their endeavors’ We pray Allah accept this as a humble act of Ibadah (worship). Ameen

RY’AN Academy aim to provide pupils with the highest standard of education instilling qualities of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence whereby pupils distinguish right from wrong. The school aims to create a warm, friendly and relaxed environment wherein pupils and staff enjoy an understanding of mutual respect thereby creating an atmosphere of teaching and learning, an environment where pupils can relate to each other in a respectable, responsible and righteous manner.

The school aims to provide the highest moral, spiritual, ethical, social and cultural values whereby each pupil learns to respect the law and show initiative by becoming a dynamic and productive contributor to local, national and international issues, someone who is felt and valued as an asset to the community due to balanced understanding of his own culture as well as the culture of others. Thus, RY’AN Academy aims to produce pupils of such a caliber, which help promote harmony and understanding in our society to secure a bright future and blissful hereafter.

Concisely, we are committed

  • To provide pupils with a broad and balanced education in a caring, safe and a well-ordered Islamic environment to develop their academic skills and Islamic values in order to practice Islam with God-consciousness and sincerity.
  • To nurture in each child an Islamic personality /character which encourages good manners and morals in order that they may become good citizens. Assist pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the law in effect becoming responsible and productive citizens who will confidently meet challenges of the future.
  • To Educate pupils with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the noble Quran, Sunnah and Usul of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) to instil within them self-knowledge, self-esteem, wisdom and self-confidence.

Hence, our 3 core R’s values Respect, Responsibility, Righteousness

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